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Mar 17, 2016

Step Your Chic Up! Sheer Lace

Lace and sheer

Peek a boo I see you. Covering up your lovely parts just a little bit. Such a flirt in your sheer lace everything. Come play with me but remember to only play nice.

lace and sheer
lace and sheer

lace and sheer

lace and sheerlace and sheer

lace and sheerlace and sheer

lace sheer

Photos via Pinterest Board Truth of the Dare

Have a taste for the sheer lace? Find your flavor with these pieces!

Feb 22, 2016



RED! An exuberant color. One that exudes so many different emotions and feelings within one's self. Screaming bloody fire in one's eyes, pulsating through one's skin, and giving tremendous flames in the mouth. RED!







Photos via Pinterest Board Red Hot

Experience RED in your life with these stand-out picks!

Dec 12, 2015

The Perfect Black Dress for the Season


I've never been one to have black dresses in my closet let alone an LBD so it was a surprise to me to be drawn to this gorgeous all in one safety net of a sweater dress. When I spotted this dress my mind automatically went into work more with all of the different ways it can be utilized in my wardrobe. 


I absolutely love this dress and would wear it every day if I could. It is beyond comfortable and stylish. It hits all the curves of my body and I can accessorize it with a statement piece belt, a fancy hair up-do to elongate the look,  jewelry, or with even knee high or ankle boots. I opted for the nude shoe and bare legs this time around.


If you're feeling frisky enough try this eye catcher jumper dress in black or olive green with a leopard ankle boot. Amazing!

Also talk about easy street with these camel tone and ivory white sweater dresses that will set your mind at ease when you need a relaxing day.



My Outfit: Dress and jewelry are vintage and my heels are Charles David (similar style).

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