I've always had a love for fashion. It was practically embedded in me from my young years when my mother would sew wonderful girly dresses for myself and my sister (...she'd dress us like twins). I was taught to present myself in the best light at all times, especially with style because it speaks volumes without a word being said. As I grew older I came into my own style and I'm still evolving. I want to  evolve by taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. My love for fashion stretches all spectrums of a closet budget. I like the authentic one of a kind finds in thrift stores, consignment stores, and vintage shops. I also love to shop timeless pieces that make a statement. Every so often you will see me go off in to full conversations (with myself) on a piece of item. It just shows my love for all things fabulous. I'm here to grow in my style and improve and explore different ideas of how well a garment can be worn. Join me on my climb!

Candace Belle