Jan 8, 2012

Option Cardy

This POW of color blocking almost never happened...my lovely cardigan (worn backwards, you should try it!) was tucked away in my closet for a long time and then made it's way to the donation stock. It was one those pieces I wore so much during the year that I couldn't stand the sight of it anymore, but alas...absence made the heart grow fonder and now its back in heavy rotation with a new spin on how to wear it! =)
Cardigan: Zara, Pant: Thrift Find, Pumps: Brian Atwood


Sia said...

I love the colours in this outfit. You look super cute! XOXO

Unknown said...

omg i so luv this color combo and the cardi backwards so chic

Candace Belle said...

Melissa Thank you! Its definitely a great way to put a spin on things! like reshopping your wardrobe