Feb 23, 2012

Accessorized Jewels

I'll be honest and say I was never a jewelry person. Even now it takes some coaxing and getting used to. My accessory was/is shoes and bags, but I'm slowly coming to terms that jewelry can definitely make an outfit. So little by little I've been implementing them in my daily wear. I do have to say I love unusual jewelry from the likes of animal inspired to unique eye catching colored stones and gems. Coming from a girl who wore a solitary bracelet and studded or button earrings I'd say I'm adjusting well. My new challenge is to give a more is more without looking like a little girl playing dress up in mommy's closet. 

Jacket: Mossimo  Tee: Old Navy  Jean (seen here): F21  Boots (seen here and here): Ash  Satchel (seen here): Modalu
Assorted Jewels: F21 and Indian Jewelry Store

How did I do?


Unknown said...

totally swooning over your bag hun

E said...

There's that necklace I love! I think you're doing an awesome job of adding jewelry, you look great here and you looked fantastic when I met you :) Keep it up and let's talk about you taking me to this Indian store, please!

Nikk said...

LOVE the boots!

KurvayshusB said...



I'm loving the casual glam you're giving us...very good look girl!


Candace Belle said...

Ladies Thank you for your wonderful comments, you've made my day!

@Melissa I fell in love at first sight when I saw this gem of a bag on asos a few years back and trust me its even better in person, melts in your hands =)

@Miss ED Thank you for your words of encouragement, means so much! I will definitely take you on my jewelry hunt! just be ready to be amazed!!