Feb 29, 2012

There She Goes Stealing the Spotlight Again

 I forgot how much fun I had in my beautiful pink pumps. I remember trying to wear them with every outfit possible. It just adds an extra spark to my outfit. Gosh its like a little girl with her favorite blanket that she never wants to let go. I'm so glad I saved these lovelies. New spin with an old twist! hmm...just like thrifting (-:

Trench (seen here): Talbots  Dress: Mossimo  Pumps (seen here): Payless (Fioni)  Belt: Thrift Find
Necklace and Pins: Vintage

 What have you saved in your wardrobe and decided to give a second spin?


Helene said...

You just inspired me to look through my closet and see what I can, but haven't worn in a while.

Bon Vivant + a Budget

Sia said...

What a pretty and feminine look.

Unknown said...

luv the colors:)

Candace Belle said...

Beautiful ladies thank you so much for your comments and please comment on your closet finds!

E said...

Great idea, I definitely should do a closet revival post... those pink pumps are great with the dark dress :D

Ripped Nylon

Joy Shana said...

nice outfit,love ur pink pumps

Candace Belle said...

@ J n Nty. Thank you! I love them too!