Apr 19, 2012

Tears To The Eyes FAB!!! Thursday - Color! Prints!


The fashion gawds have graced us with a 2 for the price of 1 with this sexy peplum skirt. You get a bright supple color with an on trend head turner. Work!


Gosh! For the longest while I've lusted over having a blazer made out of curtain material. Up comes this dress in all its glory showing off on me. How stunning!! I want my blazer even more now!

I will forever more be in love! Nothing else needs to be said. 

Bottom line you HAVE to know how to make this fabulous top work! Don't be shy about it, its a stunner and needs to be seen! So give it all its glory and shine. Gosh I need this in my life! 
(@Ms. K was this the purchase you made?)


Slight repeater on this; Last week I melted for copper tone pumps, this time around I'm amazed at the detail of the sheer genius way the jean is ripped proportionally in all the right places. A boyfriend jean or skinny leg would work well for me. This will be a DIY to try.


Ms K said...

Love the red skirt and the curtain dress (sound of music anyone - lol). Yes, this awesome print blouse is what I ordered, but waiting for it since 3 weeks now, I hope it will find its way to me. It seems like Sheinside is a vendor in China, so I keep on hoping I will get it!!

Candace Belle said...

Gosh! how nerve wrecking! Now the suspense is on me as well because I want to see how great it is in person. (-:

The Dragonfruit said...

Oooh, definitely a fun take on the peplum trend! Love the color of this skirt too <3

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