Apr 14, 2012

That's How I Like It

Sometimes I just need a comfortable wear that is easy and carefree yet says something. This outfit does just that for me! Especially this Gap tee. If you shop Gap I don't have to tell how their clothes feel like butter against the skin. Soft, cool, and stylish. Last weekend I was lucky to take advantage of the Easter sales and this was one of the purchases.  There were so many great colors it was kind of hard to choose. I'm a sucker for stripes but I've been staying away because my closet has a plethora of them. Has that every happened to you? All of a sudden you have one item in all different variations of it.

Tee: Gap  Pant and Bangles: F21  Pumps: Fioni (Payless)  Satchel: Louis Vuitton

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  (-:


Sia said...

You always blow me out the water with your super cool colour combinations x

Candace Belle said...

(-: I'm a sucker for it! what can I say? lol Thx Sia

E said...

Heck yea on the Gap. My weekend uniform has been this neon long-sleeve shirt I found on the clearance racks and some jeans and colorful kicks... I'm about to go back there and snatch up some more summer essentials!

Candace Belle said...

so worth it. All hail The Gap!!