May 5, 2012

Shop and Swap (Jewels)

Last week I attended a Shop and Swap event at Tammany Hall in NYC's lower east side. It was a fashion frenzy of fabulous bloggers selling their wardrobes to their fans, followers and fellow bloggers. The likes of GabiFresh, Fatshion Insider, Stylish Curves, Nicolette Mason, Nadia Aboulhosn, Gorgeous in Grey, and Madison Plus showcased their fabulous fashion for our picking. And boy was it a ripe picking! The selections were fantastic to say the least! It was a great event and many attendees came away with many great items. I came away with these lovely bejeweled necklaces. I love every piece and am so excited to add them to my accessories wardrobe. 

I also want to share my good news with you! I was chosen to be a feature of KurvayshusB's newly launched post "Get Familiar". I am so excited for the opportunity and am so grateful! Be sure to check it out here.  

A special Thank You to Lauren for this wonderful opportunity! It truly means so much to me!! 


Helene said...

Great items! What did you have to swap to get them?

Bon Vivant + a Budget

Candace Belle said...

No swapping this time around just shopped :-)

Alissa said...

Glad you came out and thanks for sharing.

Candace Belle said...

It was alot of fun!