Jun 4, 2012

Blue Breeze

Dress: Gap  Wedges: Sam Edelman  Necklace: Vintage  Watch: NY&Co.  Bracelets: Gifted Givenchy/Soho Jewel Shop

This dress here! Gosh its hard for me to speak let alone type this, but this dress is the absolute epitome of comfort. I love every inch of it and when the breeze blows I'm in heaven. I literally feel like I am wearing nothing when this dress is on.  I saw this beauty in passing as I shopped at the Gap. Literally glanced at her and after gathering what I wanted to try on I said to myself this looks like an easy dress let me try it on for the sake of that. O M G it breathed life on my skin. No exaggeration...well maybe a little but you get the point...I'm sighing as we speak (-:

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to an great easy week! 


Sia said...

I love this dress on you. Can i have that bracelet please?? lol It's to die for.

trecib said...

Beautiful dress & it looks great on you. New follower question: Do you ever talk about what foundations you wear? Asking because whatever you are wearing underneath is making the girls look fab (lol) & I don't see any straps. Would love to know your secrets.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous dress! I really like your hair like that too! So elegant as always!


Candace Belle said...

This dress ladies OMG I cant stop gushing about it!!

@trecib there's a great store in manhattan called My Intimacy that specializes in undergarment fits. Its my go to, plus help from Spanx. A girl's best friend.

Candace Belle said...

@ Sia I will be on the look out for a duplicate bracelet and hopefully I can send you one (-: