Jun 17, 2012

One More Hooray!

I have to tell you I packed away my fall/winter clothing until the next season including my favorite jacket. Deep sigh right now as I love this jacket to no ends!! Truth be told it was sort of a blades of glory moment wearing it here with beads of sweat running down my forehead (yes its sexy I know)...evidence of wearing too much clothing in the hot sun. That's a sign isn't it? Gosh it was a bittersweet moment tucking her away...(cue the violins as this gracious gorgeous truly gifted with fabulous color and fantastic style takes a bow...)

Isn't she lovely?

At least I will have this absolutely gorgeous/ridiculously comfortable jumper and great staple sandal to keep me moving forward with great summer style. One door closes another opens!
Jacket: Thrift Find, Jumper: Gap, Sandals: Nine West, Necklaces: Vintage
 How about you? Have you tucked away your precious attire from the past season? How did it go?


Ms K said...

Beautiful jacket. I also like the cut and the look of the jumper a lot!

Anonymous said...

Cute blazer. Love it.


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Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

I tucked away all of mine, hoping that i won't be able to fit it though next year!

Diana - City and Burbs said...

I can see why you're so attached to this jacket. It's a beautiful color! I've tucked all mine away. I love summer so it's not as painful for me. Talk to me in October and I'll probably be in tears...sniff sniff.



Divamazon said...

My 4 sweaters are packed away next summer haha. Hopefully I won't be able to fit them next year. lol.

Cute jacket. :)

Candace said...

love the jumpsuit AND the blazer! I just bought a beautiful one in a gorgeous grey - pray I'm not sweating in it lol!

Candace Belle said...

Thank you all you gorgeous ladies for all your great comments!!! I guess I procrastinated a bit too much on the packing away.
@divamazon love that you only have 4 sweaters! talk about not liking winter too much lol

@eat.style.pray that's my wish too! Let's make it a deal! ;-)

Jenny said...

Great outfit. I love your jumpsuit and your blazer is just amazing.


Candace Belle said...

Thx Jenny! This jumper is so comfortable...I wish I had more of it.