Jul 9, 2012

Crayola Therapy

What do you do when you need a lift in your spirit? When things are eyes wide shut? Occasionally for me its to indulge in my favorite ice cream (haagen dazs..so friggin good...shhh don't tell anyone!). When I can't have that, I reach for color. It always brings me back to life and how could it not?? It's like a deep breath of revival for me. I smile at color and from what you see on the blog I embrace it to no ends. So today I brought out the brights in my closet. 

This wonderful bag I bought in London in '06 from a street vendor for a mere 20 pounds ($40 US) and its a great replica of a well known staple bag. Can you guess?? The desigin of it is not as important as the memories that are attached. I remember almost everything from that trip; I shopped and shopped and shopped, did some sightseeing for a bit, but it was mainly a shopping trip, from New Look to Dorothy Perkins to Primark to Marks & Spencer to Harrods to TopShop. Did I mention I shopped? If you haven't already, a trip to London should be on your bucket list.

Back then I wasn't a thrifter, but could you imagine what would be found if I was??? Tears to the eyes right now at just the thought of it all!

These earrings were gifted/passed on to me from my mother when she wore the fabulousness out of them in the early 90s...parents had style before we did, remember that!

This double braid came to light after not wanting to deal with ANY type of sweated out hairstyle. Easy and yet so chic
Tee: Gap  Jean: F21  Wedges: Tory Burch  Satchel: London Street Vendor  Earrings: Gift
Necklace: F21  Bracelet: DIY

Make sure you enjoy your Monday and don't forget to smack the week in to shape! 


grownandcurvywoman said...

Color has the same effect on me too! It instantly lifts me & suddenly I'm happy again. Love the combo of red & bright yellow! I went to London in 07 & had the best time! I agree that everyone should put it on their bucket list!!!

Sae said...

i truly love your outfit, And being that i was partly raised in london and seeing that you got purse there makes me remeber my younger days.

Candace Belle said...

@growmandcurvywoman =) looks like we just missed paths!

@sae that's all I have is fond memories of London. Can't wait to go back!!

Unknown said...

Great look =) love it!

Ms K said...

London used to be for me the city where I want to live. Since I discovered NY, London is second place but still one of my top cities! Love the look and the bag is great!


Hanna Katriina said...

Hi! I'm a plus size blogger from Finland, and I just recently discovered your blog. Just wanted to tell you that I love your style, especially your use of colors is inspiring!

This outfit brought a smile to my face, and I absolutely adore those shoes. :)

Candace Belle said...

Many Thank You Ladies!
@Ms K in a perfect world you and me both will have both places to call home!
@HKR thanks so much for your support (-: I hope you play with colors too!

ShariGold said...

very nice! outfit is on fire!

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Moya2bean said...

Love this outfit.
Im a sucker for bags so Im about to pass out while looking at yours, the whole look is awesome!
Great choices!