Jul 17, 2012

Wild Card Pinning

Images courtesy of Pinterest
 I recently joined Pinterest through the excitement others have shared about how great it is. Boy let me tell you it is all that and then more fun added to it! To put it mildly I'm a stage 5 clinger on Pinterest. At least once a day I'm pinning away for the sheer joy of total wow factor. I love it so much I thought to share my findings with you. These are mash ups of images that evoked a great energy in me! Every so often I will share my wild card pinning energy to give you an idea of what I'm gravitating towards. Be it fashion, lust, cookies, shock value, kisses, embracement, or tranquility. If you are as excited about it as I am, follow me on Pinterest to get in on all my inspirations before it hits the blog!

Images courtesy of Pinterest with 3rd photo by April Baum
Images courtesy of Pinterest
Images courtesy of Pinterest
I truly believe pinning is a therapeutic santuary for you to gather your thoughts and virtually embrace your motiviations and inspirations. You should definitely try it and see if you feel the same way.


Ms K said...

I knew you would love it. It is just so much fun and a great inspiration :-)

April Baum said...

Hey girl! Love your blog :) I just noticed that one of the pictures you have in this post is a picture of me! It's exciting to see myself on a blog even if it is just of my back hahah I would really love it if you could post a link under the photo back to my pinterest?? It would be some awesome exposure for me :) Thanks!!!