Aug 29, 2012

Rebel With Cause

It feels good to step out of character for a bit. Or is this a change in me, a twinge of something new? Whatever it is, I'm excited for it and will play game until it's over. I tend to be a safety net kind of person, but its time to step out a bit more and challenge myself in the name of fashion. No reckless abandonment but just a dip on the wild side for a change of scenery. I'm enjoying it!

This skirt turned dress almost didn't become mine. It was in the hands of KurvayshuB and she was contemplating how fabulous it would look on her, but a last though changed her mind and she offered it to me. First sight I said niicceee and I believe I did it justice. Let's see what she thinks!

Jacket(mini DIY): Old Navy,  Skirt (turned dress): Shop/Swap F21,  Sandals: Nordstrom Rack
Earrings: Vintage,  Necklace/Bracelet: F21


Hanna Katriina said...

My, that dress/skirt is gorgeous! You look great.

Unknown said...

Love this this look!!! I love it as a dress or skirt!!!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Love how you toughened up this feminine dress/skirt with your sleeveless denim jacket! The dress/skirt looks great on you!

Ms K said...

wow this looks really great, love that look Candace!

Candace Belle said...

I truly did feel rebellious in this look! It was good for a change as change is good! Thx Ladies!! :-)