Oct 2, 2012

Get Your Stripe On!

I'm a big fan of stripes and more so preferably of the thinly striped look. I think it is a bit easier on the eye and gives a better silhouette for my figure. In such I paired this gorgeous shirt with the additionally striking skirt (which you last saw in this post) both purchased at Old Navy. This was my first attempt in pairing stripes and I think it makes a great statement. 

I must say Old Navy is stepping it up with their looks. I was immediately drawn to both pieces and the best part is both can definitely work well with other items in my closet. I'm  so used to seeing their staples of tees and jeans that when I saw the top first I was wowed!

I've been a pant girl for quite some time and making the transition to incorporate skirts and dresses was a bit challenging. I love a full almost princess like skirt but I cant say it does anything for my shape. After some trial and error in purchases I now know pencil skirts are the way to go. It gives a nice fit to my hips and legs. Now I just need to get them in all colors! 

Shirt & Skirt: Old Navy ( Shirt and skirt)  Pumps: Nine West  Earrings: Forever21


Unknown said...

This is too cute! Love the mix printing with the stripes. I now have an outfit idea, thanks :)

DezzyBoo said...

I love the way you mixed the stripes up! I have never thought to do something like this, but I will now try something like this out!

Unknown said...

Love the strip on stripe. Those colours are amazing. You look great!


Melanie said...

Love this look!! You totally rocked the stripes :)


Sabrina said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!
stripes on stripes. PERFECTION.

Unknown said...

Love it

Ms K said...

LOL, now you also have one complete Old Navy outfit! They ARE stepping it up indeed. Great combination, have to echo everyone else in saying that I will try it out myself soon!

grownandcurvywoman said...

You definitely knocked out the park with this outfit! I love it!!! Im a HUGE fan of pencil skirts and I agree you need to get one in every color! Fab outfit!!!

Unknown said...

Too Cute!!! And the colors go perfect!!


iAmMel said...

I love it, it's a lot of stripes, but it works!!

Unknown said...

Ok dropping back in, I nominated you for an award over at my blog.


Candace Belle said...

Thanks ladies! I cant wait to see how you play with your stripes!