Oct 13, 2012

The Statement Piece

This gorgeous statement belt was placed in my hand by fellow blogger and thrifter Helene. Over the summer, she invited me to take part in Housing Works $25 Buy The Bag event. This was unlike any thrifting that I've ever experienced in my life and I've been thrifting for about 2 years. There were so many items and people that it took me for a world wind. I only recommend it for true thrifters, Beginners should skip this until they've gotten the rookie feel out of them! The event required lots of patience and a great eye. Helene has both and when she saw my face full of bewilderment she calmed by nerves by saying "Look at this great belt!" She made my day :-)

I love versatility so this is how I wear this belt, for outerwear with my favorite trench and also for a simple outfit that needs a bit of a statement. That's what accessories should always give. Options! 

Men's Trench: Thrift Find (similar)  Belt: Vintage Find (similar)  Tee: Gap  Skirt: Old Navy
Sling Backs: Thrift Find (similar)  Necklace: Vintage

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!


Unknown said...

Luv it!!! Your hourglass figures looks amazing with that belt

Unknown said...

Awesome outfit! And I love your pumps!:)


grownandcurvywoman said...

Im a huge fan of belts & this one is fantastic!

DezzyBoo said...

This is soooo FLY!!!

Unknown said...

I love it! Simple with a statement!

Candace Belle said...

Thank you Ladies!