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Dec 5, 2012

Mix Prints

I found this gorgeous trench at the thrift store a few weeks back. You know those items in a store that just sit there and wait for you and you see it like tunnel vision and when you grab it your mouth drops in awe and you think to yourself "Is this real?? is this in my size??? how come no one else picked this up????". All the answers are YES!! and you start dancing in your head imagining all the things it will go with in your closet and your face lights up even more. Yup that's this trench! :-)

Trench: Thrift Find  Top: Old Navy (similar)  Pant: Thrift Find (here and here) Pumps: Nine West  Necklace: Forever21


ciaa said...

Love it this look. Its very chic

DezzyBoo said...

You DID THIS!!! I love the pairing of the colors. Killed it.

grownandcurvywoman said...

What a wonderful find! It was meant to be yours. I love the colors and patterns of this outfit. You pull it off wonderfully!

Lisa said...

Cute leopard heels! I have a similar pair from Calvin Klein.

pntszdinFluence said...

I absolutely LOVE that jacket. Great find. What store did you go to?

Candace Belle said...

Thank you ladies! Mixing prints are creeping up on my radar.

@grownandcurvywoman it was meant to be right? lol ;-)

@lisa I hope you love them as much as I love mine!

@pntszdinFluence I found it at one of my favorite spots in Astoria on 34th Ave

Mikaela Joy said...

*gasp* you found that at a thrift store?!? BRAVO! I love how you paired it...the colors look fab! I'm gonna have to go check that spot out!

Whitney James said...

Just finding your blog and I love your style! From one thrifter to another, this outfit is GREAT! I love the trench.