Dec 13, 2012

Tears To The Eyes FAB!!! Thursday - Tartan Style

This lovely pattern really creeped up on me this season. You can check my closet and you wouldn't find any makings of tartan in sight, but low and behold it has worked its magic. Maybe it has to do with winter coming earlier than usual these days.Or maybe because the pattern is so darn playful. You can literally pair it with anything and WAM!! Even with leather, leopard, and snakeskin it all ties in well in a chic manner.

photos via Pinterest

Ugh! This jacket (more sizes here) is calling my name! Should I answer?? Also this scarf because really who doesn't need an extra fabulous scarf in their life?

Some more styles to tickle your fancy :-)


Res said...

😩 This post is everything. (Going shopping)

Candace Belle said...

Yes it is! Love it so!