Jan 17, 2013

Tears To The Eyes FAB!!! Thursday - Red With Passion

Red!!! Doesn't it just drive energy from just saying the word? How beautiful! I've mentioned before how this color grabs my attention and keeps me stiff and focused. Just look at these intoxicating hues below. I seriously need to invest in more red pieces...like a gorgeous pump! I'm on the hunt and will keep you posted.


Photos via Pinterest


Unknown said...

That all red suit hunni!!! I've been searching for one that fits me perfect like that. Can't wait to come across it!

Unknown said...

Loving all the looks

grownandcurvywoman said...

I just wore a red suit in my latest outfit post. I absolutely LOVE red! Its such a powerful yet feminine color.

Shantile' said...

I love this post. I was reviewing the new INSTYLE and LUCKY mags this past weekend and saw a lot of red on the horizon. I too will be searching my local thrift stores for some FAB red finds.


Candace Belle said...

So we are all in agreeance that red is the IT item to have this season lol. Good luck in your search!