Jan 15, 2013

Tuesday's Yes I Did Thrift That!

Can you guess what this is? To the naked eye it looks like a nugget clustered earring pair. Take a closer look and study it. Tell me what you see (I'll give you a minute....) If you're eyes have stared long enough you will notice that each earring has a dragon face and tail. Genius right??? That's the same thing I said when I first laid eyes on them. So unusual and that's why I love them so much. I purchased these amazing vintage earrings at a little antique shop in Queens called Belle D'epogue Vintage. I was shopping for an antique mirror and stumbled upon this gem. I'm a sucker for animal details in jewelry and couldn't pass this up!


Whitney 'Nic' James said...

As an avid thrifter, I love these earrings. GREAT find!


Candace Belle said...

Thx Whitney! Thriftiness really does bring out the best finds :-)