Feb 11, 2013

Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFBcon)


Attending the IFBcon (Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference) has been a ritual for me as I have attended 3 conferences back to back. Much like the prior, this conference kept in line with capturing the essence of fashion blogging; bringing together like minded individuals for the greater good of their passions. The energy was amazing and the bloggers in attendance made it an event not to miss. From inspiration, to innovation, to networking, the conference gave me the fix I needed to get re-inspired and fall right back in love with blogging. 

The panelists gave incite to their own personal experiences in making blogging a career. As with any field of an industry the few things that remain tried and true is to believe in one's self, be persistent, take chances, and keep abreast of the changes in the industry.

IFBcon panelists

Aimee Song of Song of style (second to right) stressed being smart about finances and having a cushion before pursuing blogging full time. Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily (pictured right) revealed that after blogging for 7 years, only within the last 2 years has her blog shown profit. 

Lulu Frost

Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost focused on having a big mind and doing all the ground work necessary to get you where you want to be in life.

Felicia Walker Benson

Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty (second to right) voiced that kindness and patience goes a very long way. These points among many others resonated with me and gave some new incites as well as reminders to seek more knowledge of the blogging world. It was a great first day!

plus size plaid shirt


Still fixated on plaids and prints, I wore a thrifted (men's) shirt (similar) and pant (similar). I added my nine west pump of the moment and accessorized with this gorgeously stated vintage necklace I scored at Hell's Kitchen flea market last weekend and completed the look with the pop color Alexander Wang Rocco.

I was in such great company at the conference with fellow bloggers Emijaa Jaaemil of Emijaa Jaaemil (ps check out her amazing jewelry collection that she constructs all on her own!) and Tiffany Nakamura of Lipstick and Highwaters (I just love that name!). These girls kept me smiling and laughing all day!

black fashion bloggers

PS...I've been playing with the sizing of some of the pictures. Tell me what you think.


grownandcurvywoman said...

You look lovely! Your IBFCon recap was very informative. I might have to go to the next one!

Candace Belle said...

@grownandcurvywoman. I encourage you to go. You will definitely walk away with lots of information and new contacts!