Apr 8, 2013

Be The Sparkle In Your Own Life


I needed a bit of reiteration to remind myself to be the sparkle in my own life. For me it sometimes gets to the point where I put myself last without even knowing I'm doing so. So this is my recharge moment! I'm glad I'm getting back to it. To moments that I appreciate me for who I am. Admittedly it feels a bit weird but I have to do it, to be selfish. Only thing now is to keep listening to that inside voice as it will never lead me wrong. I'm ready!

To kick off the sparkle in my life I wanted to wear all of my absolute comfortable favorites! This makes life easier don't you think? ;-)  My sweater is from Old Navy, my tried and true favorite thrift brocade pant (try these), Jcrew blue suede pump (similar by Ann Taylor), Zara necklace, and Forever21 fringe bag (similar). 

I hope you enjoy your Monday. Make yours sparkle!



Ms K said...

Good approach and great outfit and smile!

Nadya said...

Fabulous, as always ;-)

grownandcurvywoman said...

Such a wonderful message! You look comfortable & sparkly!

Candace Belle said...

Thank you ladies! :-)