May 1, 2013

Are You A Style Climber?

Are you a style climber

I am introducing a new series I'm pretty excited to start. Best of all it will involve you, the great viewers of The Style Climber blog. This series is called "Are You a Style Climber?". The main goal of my style and for the blog is to show how my personal style climbs with the changing fashion trends.  My style is classic but I include trendy pieces that I adore and are easy to incorporate into my style. With that I would love to hear from you about your style! I'd love to see how your style has climbed within the past few years. Tell me how your style has changed from good, to great, and now best. Here's how to participate:

1. Email me at with the subject line "I am a Style Climber" and include your name and a mini bio about your style. 

2. Include 3 clearly visible and sizable pictures of yourself only in your good, great, and best styles from a few years ago to present time.

3. For each of the pictures tell me what you like about your outfit, how you felt wearing it, how your style has climbed, and what you plan to incorporate into your looks in the near future. Bonus points if you share an item that you never thought you'd like for yourself but somehow love it now!

Be sure to put your best photos forward to be featured on the blog and check back in a few weeks to see who will be featured!

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grownandcurvywoman said...

Great feature! I cant wait to see your Style Climbers!