May 28, 2013

New In: Studded Nude Sandal

The gates of joy opened and sang the shoe hymn to me when I saw this Nine West Studded Nude Sandal. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Listen its been a lust and even a consideration to a possible swipe the credit card and checkout on the Valentino Rock Stud pump (but my sister, bless her heart, gave me a look like "girl are you crazy???" when I showed her the dream shoe). Gifting myself a shopping spree this memorial weekend I walked into Nordstrom Rack expecting nothing but a browse and was truly blessed to see this replica. My heart went pitter patter! Love at first sight...(sigh..breathe Candace breathe)


grownandcurvywoman said...

Nice! I love Nine West!!!

Candace Belle said...

Don't they just make the most comfortable shoes?? love it!