Jun 25, 2013


Sharing some more of my favorite Instagram photos with you!

1. A quick selfie shot to say hello! I don't do these too often but I think I should post more of them.
2. OMG these aldo shoes captured my soul and then sunk my heart when I found out my size was sold out!
3. Totally the best of both worlds behind these paper brown bags. Don't you think?
4. Rainy day in the middle of spring required a few inclusions of leather and denim.


5. These vintage crystal earrings are one of the gems I will treasure for a lifetime.
6. The easiest go to hair look for me in the morning before rushing out the door, the classic french braid.
7. A Dorothy Perkins necklace that has been in my closet for years and still makes a statement.
8. This Zara necklace was a total treat especially since it was a gift via gift card. All smiles for this stunner.

9. A smashing mix of loveliness with prints on prints on prints.
10. This floral print dress made my day better with the ease of the wear. Then I added my new favorite stud sandals. I was in heaven.
11. Rich pastels were the look on my way to get a manicure. I loved the pairing of these colors. I'm tempted to do it again.
12. Sneakers. Check. Wedge. Check. Style. Double check. Comfort?? Two snaps!!


Unknown said...

Zara has the coolest statement necklaces, don't they? love the braided hairdo too!

Ms K said...

Heyyyy, I think we have the same pair of black sneakers! Love the black top with the dots and now I feel I need to check-out soon what Zara has. It has been too long ;-)


Candace Belle said...

Yes @LuAnne D. Omg I walked in a few days ago and saw that the whole store was on sale!! That was indeed a moment to shop for their necklaces. Hope you get a chance to go before the sale ends

@Ms K. We can be twins! :-). I love them so! And knock knock Zara is at the door, answer her! Lol

grownandcurvywoman said...

You have such a wonderful, unique sense of style!