Jul 2, 2013

Do You Remember These Valentino Beauties?

Valentino rock stud pump

First off, deep breath and a moment of serenity for these tears to the eyes Valentino rock stud pumps. I last swooned over them on the blog here and it has not left my heart since. Blogger Melinda Clark of The Phatsion Peacock sent me an Instagram photo of a Valentino replica and when I saw it I almost fainted (...and cried). OMG. sigh well listen I placed the order for this gorgeous replica and I anxiously await the mailman's service. Can you believe this????? This will coax me even more into getting the original...just building up the courage to do it. A slight misfortune of this replica is that it is only offered in pink, but at this point it can come in neon and I would buy it! lol

What do you think? Are you in love just like me?

photo via pinterest


Anonymous said...

OMG how I want these shoes so much!! I am in love just like you!! *sigh*

grownandcurvywoman said...

Gorgeous shoes! I would wear them everywhere even to the post office! LOL

Candace Belle said...

Arent they just amazing @fcommefashion??? I can't stop thinking about them!

@grownandcurvywoman you are just too bad! lol