Oct 8, 2013

The Style Climber Instagram

 It's been quite a while since I've posted some of my instagram photos on the blog. So what time is better then the present! :-)

1. Trying on a pair of gorgeous sunglasses that eventually became a purchase (seen in this post). That's what you get for going into the store with your credit card.
2. Adventures in vintage shopping lead me to these absolutely gorgeous gem earrings. These are my favorites of the moment.
3. Touches of gold accents completed my outfit for the day. Little known fact; the clutch is actually my sunglasses case that I use as a clutch during lunch breaks. why not right?
4. Sigh...my Alexander Wang Rocco came out to play on a brisk afternoon.


5. Fall temperatures are steady approaching so my favorite sweater and stole is going to make its way out.
6. Still lusting for a great loafer since Zara didn't carry my size. I can cry a little if I think too long about it.
7. I fell head of heels in love with these gorgeous prints while shopping for shoes with my sister at Lord and Taylor. This camo and leopard called my name but not my size!
8. Still having the itch for cobalt blue in my attire.


9. Tears to the eyes for this fabulous black and white colorblock outfit. I was mesmerized and left only to take a shot of it (Joe Fresh didn't have my size).
10. A beautiful throw back picture of my first photo blog post using my iphone as my camera. 
11. It took a big mind to get on such a big boat for my vacation. More details to follow in an upcoming post.
12. One of my favorite jumpsuits of the season. The print is just so fun and a jumpsuit is so easy to wear so of course the two works for summer and fall.

13. I attended a great wedding over the weekend and wore a gorgeous Monif C dress. Its one of those dresses where the styling of the dress is only limited to your imagination. I will show the full look soon.
14. Taking in a serene feel of beach sand between my toes in Ocean City Maryland.
15. OMG!!!!!!! I have never in my life seen water so blue as the way I saw it on my cruise. It's almost like make believe but its true!
16. In true vintage style I posted a picture of baby Candace with her vintage white on white outfit and vintage gold earrings. She's a cutie I must say :-)

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