Feb 25, 2014

Spring You are Such a Tease

I'm so thankful for this break in good weather over the weekend. I took full advantage of it and frolicked in it's glory.

The music raised it's volume in the car, the sun beamed on my skin as I walked the golden street, and I lived like it was spring forever. Layering in light pieces of clothing with the likes of a multi-pinned fatigue jacket and a sleeveless denim jacket all while showing bare arms and legs. 

Admittedly I've worn this vintage skirt for the better part of the winter and it sure felt good to wear it without leggings. I also didn't want to abandon my hat because its been one of the life savers this season. A close companion she has become. I think she suited quite well on the journey of this spring day.

Spring I await your return ( Now Hurry Up!!!).


Hat: Zara
Camo Jacket: Vintage
Denim Vest: Old Navy/DIY
Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Vintage
Pumps: Nine West
Clutch/ipad case: Alexander Wang
Pins and Necklaces: Vintage and Topshop



Ms K said...

Love this look - the hat looks great and really like the combo of the two jackets.


Candace Belle said...

:-) thanks missy! the hat was a champion warrior through the winter!