Mar 5, 2014

It's Quite Ok To Raid Your Sister's Closet For Her Animal Print Vest


It's quite ok to raid your sister's closet for everything much less her animal print vest that has been in hibernation for the better part of the winter season. It was only right of me to do justice to it being that I am fully aware of its capabilities and how much better it looks on me. :-)

In truth I did get a screw face when she finally saw it on my back. She should be forgiving since she is well aware of how sensitive I am to animal print. but alas (and begrudgingly) I returned the vest :-(.  What's worse is that she didn't even offer to gift me the beauty since she knows she hasn't worn it the whole winter! Isn't that the true sign, that if you haven't worn it in a year, you should pass it on?? Unfortunately she's a bit of a hoarder so there's no chance I will be getting my hands on the vest. hmmph!







Fur Vest: Sister's Closet (The Avenue)
Sweatshirt: Old Navy
Midi Skirt: Vintage
Pumps: Nine West
Hat: Zara
Ipad case/clutch: Alexander Wang
Necklaces: Gift, Topshop, and Forever21


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