Mar 13, 2014



Sharing some of my favorites from my Instagram as of late. Warning...much leopard on display (infectious addiction. what can I say?).

 1. Over thought over analyzed and finally made the chop for a bang. BANG BANG.
2. Mustard, the color that will be in my dreams and taking my breath away come the good season.
3. Rackable, stackable, and layered to the tip of the neck. The new It for me. Layering my necklaces.
4. The forever lust of a statement leopard boot. This time it is a Stuart Weitzman that caught my eye and refused to surrender. I could scream.


5. Le sis made me sweat from excitement when I saw her newly designed gel nail art. I still can't stop looking at it.
6. I love and lust vintage pins so it is only befitting of me to accessorize my hair with one of a kind gems. A gorgeous image to replicate.
7. Second sigh...totally caught off guard with this camel and black color-block Phillip Lim 31 hour bag. If I stare too long it will eventually become mine.
8. Housing Works is the new thrill of a vintage lover's heart. I can brag about the store or just show you the stunner necklace that sparkles on my neck. 


 9. Riding around town testing out the new bang and color. I was Ms Cool that day (in my head at least).
10. Not too fond of insects in general but I'm a total sucker for their statued figures on jewelry. Much like this butterfly that just happened to land and then laid on my chest.
11.  A wonderful color print mix that played well on classics. Plaid and leopard. A great pair.
12. The new required hat of the winter season. Tough choice in choosing which was more fabulous than the other. You tell me which one you prefer.


13. Good vibes, motivational speeches, and quality time spent with Lisa Marie "Phoneix" Jackson and Emijaa Jaaemil.
14. Only when the days are nice is a leopard trench welcomed in NYC.
15. If I cant get a full boot in leopard, I will gladly accept the Rodarte lapel layered in leopard (!!!)
16. Seflie life as I ride around town with my stacked necklaces.

See you at my next instagram update!


Ms K said...

love the SW booties - they look awesome! Did you get them? ;-)

Unknown said...

These leopard boots are awesome!!

Aux Caprices de Flore said...

Nice pics
love the nails art

Candace Belle said...

Thanks Ladies! :-)

@MsK I wish! They were sold out but I'm hoping for a special pair to appear out of thin air because just look at them. Gorg!