Apr 15, 2014

Yellow For Spring


I'm telling you right now that no one is more enthusiastic about this spring more than me. I was under a warm blanket in hibernation for a few months well as NYC declared war I tell you with absolute frigid temperatures but now oh yes (!!!) THIS is my season where I am free to frolic in glory with all my brightest of brights. It suited best to begin with a bursting sunshine of yellow which is guiding me closer to the mustard hue that I've grown to lust as of late.

Since the comfort of sweats and sneakers have come into chic fashion play, I've been in search of just the right sweatshirt that gives style but still originates as a sweatshirt. I found it while grocery shopping at Target. Now its my LBS, little black sweatshirt. I adore it so. Finishing the look, I added my leopard trench that I've had for a few seasons well. She always leaves a mark. Can't blame her though, she's eye catching.

leopard+jacketchic+sweatshirts black+yellowyellow+pants    

 Trench: NY&Co. (seasons old)
Sweatshirt: Target (on sale! and it comes in white)
Pant: Thrift Find
Pumps: Jcrew
Jewelry: Jcrew (This could take your breath away)


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