May 12, 2014

Skully's Having a Girly Moment


Shopping on lunch can be so therapeutic I swear. When my work day gets a bit messy or (better yet) when I need inspiration I step out of my office and indulge in the finer fashions of life around the city. 

Looking for easy wear, my eyes latched on to this skully sweatshirt. Nothing too hardcore about this skully though. She's actually quite stylish and has amazing head gear accessories. I can tell I will have lots of fun with her. Lace included. My new bestie! :-)



_MG_2389   _MG_2384

Sweatshirt: H&M (Found a cute kitty, a handsome pug, & stylish dinosaurs)
Skirt: Mother's Closet (ohh look at this checkered number and lace dazzler)
Heels: TopShop (Try this gorgeous multistrap and this fancy heel)
Necklaces: Vintage

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