Apr 4, 2015

Spring Parka Jacket (The Necessary Alternative)

Finding the perfect spring jacket just became easy, and it's called the Parka jacket. The most necessary alternative jacket as it can be worn as the obvious jacket or a top, you choose your preference. I chose to wear it as a top. It is beyond versatile. We are talking short sleeve, hood if necessary, belted for waist figure, and light enough for single wear or over a long sleeve top. 

It's quite genius the versatility of it don't you think? I dressed this jacket up by added a mixture of prints with my print blue pant and the staple of the ever lustful leopard pump. Sunnies gave the look a cool factor to finish it off.

Dressing her up made me feel like some what of a badass by going against it's natural nature of being  a jacket. I play around with clothes a lot and exercise the best way to wear an item to get maximium uses out of it and this jacket proved me right in my decision.

Being a sucker for plaid, a girl was happy to see the flair in this hood. Best of all it's removable so when fall comes along, a quick snap on and i'm right back to the cool factor of plaid needed in the autumn months. Again the versatility of it just makes it a win win!

Details of my outfit include a vintage parka jacket (this bright one tickles my fancy), Bvlgari tortoise sunglasses (try this Jason Wu), Old Navy print pant, and nine west leopard pumps (...that I will never get rid of or grow tired of. Would you?)   :-)


Lauren said...

Love this combo! Glad to see you back and blogging! Look forward to the next post. :)

Candace Belle said...

Thank you Miss Lauren. Good to hear from you! xoxo