Apr 10, 2015

The Silhouette of a Double Breasted Jacket


Insert that loving feeling *here* as my favorite jacket hugs my feminine curves. 

This double-breasted jacket I will never grow tired of. As stated in a previous post I am all for having versatility in my wardrobe. For a few years well I've worn this jacket as a coat of sorts in the brisk weather but I've gained a new found respect and am boldly wearing it as a top with a peep of the d├ęcolletage. I just love the way it fits to my body and the accessories of the gold buttons adds just the right touch.


The feel of sophistication is what gravitated me to the look of it. A slight roll of the sleeve and pop of the collar gives the casual chic look I adore.



Because the jacket is so wonderfully structured and fitted to my curves, I opted for a flare bottom to balance out the look. So as the wind blew, so did my skirt :-).



Wearing a vintage jacket (see Talbot's version) and pleated skirt (she's a stunner and this color just grabs me), Topshop sandals (similar style in a variety of colors), vintage necklace, Bvlgari sunglasses (love a good leopard), and Tory Burch pouch.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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