Jan 21, 2012

Braid Accessory

Since braids have come back in fashion (but wait a minute, have they ever really left?), its been a go to for me for easy days and for days where I didn't want to be bothered with a curling iron. There's so many variations of looks that are super easy to do but yet look so intricate and amazing.  Anytime I wear the look I get stopped and asked how it was done or how beautiful it looks. I have a couple of favorites here so take a look at the pics below...

Dutch Corn roll  
French Corn Roll
Waterfall and Fish Tail
French & Dutch Braid and Dutch Side Braid
French Braid Fringe  (Really Love This)
Fish Tail
Corn Roll
Side Corn Roll

Fish Tail
Dutch and French Corn Rolls
 I think the more hair you have to play with the more styles you can try. Also a big hit is if you have a color/rinse in your hair, that really lifts the style! I've been practicing the waterfall (LOVE), fishtail, and the french fringe and I'll have to post them soon. Have you tried the braided look? I'd love to see pictures!

Note: Pictures courtesy of Tumblr and Google


Sia said...

I love this post! I did a post called buns and braids recently. XOXO

Amanda Park said...

love the braids!
follow each other?



Candace Belle said...

Hi Ladies! Thank you for commenting!!

@Sia, I saw your post a few weeks back and said to myself wow I just started the buns this year, also an easy go to look! I think your braids looked really nice in the bun.