Jan 23, 2012

Gone With The Red and Trench

While I was taking these pictures, the wind was kicking A$$ and taking names, namely my hair! So don't think its static or the There's Something About Mary cream!

Men's Trench (seen here) and Men's Shirt: Thrift Find, Jean (seen here): F21, Pumps: Nine West

 I know you'll probably be tired of hearing me say this, but (once again, shocker!) this trench is one of my favorite thrift finds. What can I say I love finding smack you in the face can't live without it need you in my life treasures lol! Its an occupational hazard of shopping!

Hope you enjoyed your Monday!


Sew J.Tomas said...

You still look gorgeous!!!
Great blog!!!
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Candace Belle said...

thank you! =) I'll definitely be looking for your designs!

Krystin said...

Love that jacket!!! You look great.

XOXO - Krystin

Candace Belle said...

Thank you! and Thanks so much for posting a comment, really means alot =)