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Jan 25, 2012

What's In Her Jeans?

What's In Her Jeans?? COMFORT!! Thank you Levi's for making comfort jeans. These babies fit like a smooth caressable glove that snugs in all the right places. I don't think I need to say more, except go get yourself a pair! 

Blazer & Necklace:Vintage, Shirt: Thrift Find, Jean: Levis, Pumps:Steve Madden Bag: Louis Vuitton

I've got some exciting news to share in the coming week. I hope you'll like my surprise! I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm going in full on!


Amanda Park said...

lookin cute dear
follow each other?

Candace Belle said...

thx! =)

Kheira said...

Thank you ! Love your blazer, the color looks very pretty !