Feb 17, 2012

Ah Lime Me Some Time To Have Fun

Remember when you were a kid with fearlessness running through your veins? Not a care in the world? Your only responsibilities were wearing kiddy clothes filled with bright colors and running around playing tag, hop scotch, jump rope and riding your bicycle, all of which delighted you in galore. lol Wadda you know its time for me to be a kid again! well...at least with my bright clothing.

Men's Chaps Sweater: Thrift Find  Pant: Thrift Find  Flats (worn here): Tory Burch  Stole: Tag Sale
  Belt: Zara  Jewels: Assorted F21 and HM  Vintage Necklace (worn here): Thrift Find

Allow me to share my story of this wonderful blue stole. I was at an estate sale a few months back that was hosted by Glenwood Antiques and saw this beauty from a distance, ran for it and kept it around my neck for the entire time I was there as I surely did not intend on leaving without it. Suffice to say its been with me ever since and I have yet to wear it because New York has been so good to us weather wise that there's no need to bundle up in all the glory of this stole :-( so I figured I take it out for a joy ride! I bought it during my blue kick I was having a couple months back (If you may remember I mentioned it in this post)


Sia said...

I melt for this colour combo.

Unknown said...

Super jealous of the royal blue fur!!! Cute color combo!

xo Ashleigh


Candace Belle said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!! Dont you just love bright colors? it just brings your spirit up and makes you feel light and joyful!

Jonell said...

Looking amazing in green my friend! And those Tory Burch flats-can we say I die?! Ps. I am soo feeling you hair in the Feb. 14th post! Keep in touch!

Candace Belle said...

@Jonelle thx! Torys are my go to shoes, so comfy!!

E said...

I love, love, love, this whole outfit! I don't have any colored bottoms, I'm thinking I'll hit Uniqlo soon, and the leopard print flats really add an extra SOMETHING to the outfit. Do not even get me started on how cool that stole is :D