Feb 12, 2012

IFBcon (It was just a dream...)

It was only last year as I followed many fashion bloggers posting their experiences at IFBcon that I said I have to be there next time. But one major requirement of the invite was to have a fashion blog.  This was on my mind as a possibility to start but still anxious to do it. Much to say after many thoughts and research my blog arrived November 16, 2011 and it has been a dream ever since.

The IFBcon was everything and more I expected it to be. The atmosphere alone was unlike no other I've ever been in. Everyone was excited for their dreams, their accolades, their fashion, their joyous passion. I was just so thankful to be a part of that. Quite an experience that I will hold with me for a long time. I've come away with so many ideas and lessons that its mind blowing. Dreams can come true, you just have to be willing to go after it and I've vowed to do so.  

Below you'll see some bloggers in their element. 

Karen from wheredidugetthat
Rocquelle from considermelovely
Jessica from ladylux

Ely from ripped-nylon
Leney from agirlnamedleney
Tiffany from TiffJamesDeen
Robrette from weightaminute, Kris, T.Nicole from pintsizedinfluence, and emijaajaaemil
Beryl (with her fab Cambridge satchel!!) from thefashionenthusiast!
Lauren from kurvayshus.b

Her style was so eclectic
Her bold skirt made heads turn along with her incredible jewelry

 Loved her pop of red!

This blogger wore a fab leather pleated skirt
Katie from rewardstyle
Alison from nycrecessionista
Fabiola from fabiolamichele, Jonell from fivefoot9, and Nikki from shoesthetics
Sleeveless Blazer: Thrift Find with DIY,  Men's shirt (worn here): Thrift Find, Pants: F21, Pumps(worn here): Brian Atwood, Stole(worn here):Vintage,  Satchel(worn here): Alexander Wang Rocco

A special hello and a quick message to the ladies below (who unfortunately I did not get to photograph). I hope you all had a great time at IFBcon and took as much out of it as I did. Hope to see you all at the next IFBcon or even sooner!

Alicia from bubblesandink (Keep your dream alive! and ps, so jelly of that beautiful Florida weather you're having!)

Jackeline & Sherria from lookacute (your team work will definitely make the dream work!)

Metitia from circafashion (our talking moment was a glimpse too short!, better luck next time for sure)

Annina from cinchedatthewaist (thanks for your quick chat and words of wisdom! ps I'm next to get that bag!)

Trisha from fashionhungry(such a sweet girl you are, and believe me your 5'9" frame looks unbelievable)

Lina from luster (thanks so much for our mini chat, your spirit was so serene)

Kendra from honoryourstyle (really enjoyed our chat, and thanks for catching me on my one legged fall)

Bobbie from bobbieaustinscloset (you made me laugh so hard with your meal preference! I love your style)

Ashley from ashleyfalcon (loved your lip color! I hope you found your friend eventually, lol)

And a special hello also to the wonderfully poised 14 year old blogger I had the honor of sitting next to at the IFBcon.(I'm so sorry your name has slipped my memory) You're maturity speaks volumes. Its great to be so insightful at such a tender age. I know you use it well and I wish you all the best!

(note: pictures 1-4 courtesy of http://new.livestream.com/madefashionweek/ifbcon and last picture courtesy of dwr.com)


Unknown said...

What a great post!! I could feel the excitement through your writing! It was so wonderful meeting you :-).

cca.. said...

Great Post! Wonderful to meet you. We will catch up soon I am sure. Much love from CIRCA Fashion!

Tiffany Cruze said...

It was a pleasure to meet you! Now following :) I would die to know where that fab blogger purchased that leather pleated skirt! It is d i v i n e



Candace Belle said...

Ladies thank you so much for all the great comments! It was truly once in a lifetime experience and I cant wait to attend the next conference!