Mar 11, 2012

Color Block Happiness

I love color and I cant deny it! 

Colors make me feel good and vivacious, playful and joyous. This is also my natural spirit. I try to shop the blacks, browns, greys, but mostly I'm drawn to brighter colors and they excite me. Sometimes I'll see a ravishing color and just take a deep breath of shock at how glorious the depth of the hue is. It's just one of the many glorious feelings of loving fashion!

Sleeveless DIY Blazer: Thrift Find(worn here)   Blouse: Gap  Pant: Thrift Find(worn here)
Pumps: Steve Madden(worn here)  Satchel: Alexander Wang Rocco(worn here)

P.S. I received such wonderful compliments on my bun (thank you!!) I thought I'd give a link on how to get the perfect bun for any hair length. Blogger Sia from Rosemarierocks did a perfect tutorial! See her link here and tell me about your results!

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