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Mar 24, 2012

Oh The Possibilities

A little retail therapy brought me these lovely hint of neon pumps from DSW. I have to be honest I stopped shopping at DSW because my perfect little feet grew and I was never able to find my size. But luck be have it, Lauren from KurvayshusB lead the way to DSW in Union Square and to my surprise they're carrying my size now!! I was in total shock and in love again with this store. I will be making more trips in the future :-). Now with these comfy Bandolino pumps in tow I'm thinking of all the possibilities of how well this would suit an outfit. I'm excited!! 


KurvayshusB said...

You know how much I love these colors together!
Can't wait to see the outfit you come up with!!!

Fashion~Junkie said...

Love love love :)

Candace Belle said...

Thanks Ladies!! =)

Ms K said...

nice color! Guess I should check-out DSW more often, too.

Candace Belle said...

@ Ms K yes you should!!! lol