Mar 26, 2012

Well Looky Looky


Today at approximately 2:30pm

Listen all I did was casually walk into this salvation army that I merely decided to stop by on my lunch hour. It was no where near work and the drive was 15 minutes away. I said to myself...well I've always wanted to see what it was like inside (based on reviews there was nothing much to expect!). I'm not looking for anything in particular and will just mainly browse the store, I mean how much can you possibly get done on your lunch hour (and you didn't even have lunch yet...)

Just merely walking through the shoe section, which I dont really do because the shoes average a size 8 and I'm an 11. So as I'm skimming through the aisle, up comes this shoe looking at me. I take a good look and inspect for a shoe size. NO SIZE. I said to myself this is ridiculous! It looked big enough not to be a size 8 so I tried it on and boom!!! FABULOUS!!!! Seriously I know I always say it, but WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO GIVE THIS AWAY!?!?!?! 

I am so happy I risked my lunch hour today. I was so excited for these shoes I didnt bother to look at anything else in the store. I got my fix with these snakeskin bad girls! lol  =)

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Ms K said...

LOL, sounds like a lunch break well spent!