Mar 5, 2012

Thrifty Nicole

Faux Fur Vest (worn here): Gifted  Blazer (worn here): Thrift Find,  Blouse: Thrift Find Nicole by Nicole Miller
Jean (worn here) and Fringe Bag (worn here): F21  Pumps: Nine West
Good ole Nicole by Nicole Miller waiting patiently for me at my local thrift shop. Saying to herself "I cant wait until Candace gets here to show her how fabulous I am!" I saw her staring at me and of course I was instantly attracted. I mean look at the style she has, look at the comfort she brings. She gives good spunk. Damnit I need her in my life! Of course Nicole was pleased, she knew what she was doing. After all she is a professional. Gosh I love finding beauties like this! It just gets me so excited! ;-)


Sia said...

You are one sexy mama in this outfit! XOXO

Candace Belle said...

Thank you Sia! :-D

Helene said...

love the top knot! and the red jeans!

Bon Vivant + a Budget

E said...

Looove the difference in patterns, textures, and colors! Your bun is out of this world, too, I need to grow this cut out already, geez...

Ripped Nylon

Unknown said...

Loving this outfit, but I am even more in love with that top.

And thanks for the support love

Candace Belle said...

Thank you Ladies!! This blouse is one of my favorite finds and I'd definitely wear everyday (if it wasnt a felony lol)

@Ely there's a great trick Sia from posted on her blog/youtube that shows you how to get the bun with every hair length! check "The Perfect Bun Tutoria". Its a really cool idea.