Apr 5, 2012

Tears to the Eyes FAB!!! Thursday - Style of Fashion

Hey Guys! I am introducing a weekly post called "Tears to the Eyes FAB!!! Thursday". Have you ever seen a great outfit, a great pair of shoes, a great bag, great accessories and then all of a sudden get a feeling of joy and excitement that comes over you to the point where you tear up a bit?! Well it happens to me all the time! So I thought to myself why not make it a weekly feel good feeling! These weekly posts will showcase looks of different style varieties from bloggers to editorials to celebrities to street styles that are "Tears to the Eyes FAB!!!". Enjoy the ride and thanks so much for supporting my blog! 

This look just took my breath away!! To think bold stripes and a sexy leopard booty could make me scream!

I really loved the way the Zara sequin clutch just added an extra pizazz to this outfit. It didn't need it but boy oh boy does it make you take a second glance!


JCrew's Jenna Lysons always knows how to give it! Comfy casual on the top then sophisticated classy on the bottom. Amazing!

Olivia Olivia Olivia!!! OMG just looking I'm tearing up! I cant take it how fab this outfit is. I truly love the fact that each piece of item she has on can work individually as a statement piece, but put together in a single outfit is a fashion dream come true!
 credit and credit
First Lady Michelle Obama never ever ever ever seizes to amaze with her personal style. I cant even talk! lol I will just let the outfit speak for itself =)

Hope you enjoyed the first edition of Tears to the Eyes FAB!!! Thursday. Come back for more great finds next Thursday!


Jennifer said...

god I love those pants with the leopard print shoes...need to have indeed

Candace Belle said...

Omg! Isn't it magnificent?! Love! Thank you for your comment! (-: