Apr 3, 2012

The Study of Anthropologie

Anthropologie Models
Last Thursday I was invited to attend Anthropologie's Spring Fashion show 2012 in Soho. The gracious event headed by Design Director Johanna Uurasjarvi of Leifsdottir, showcased Anthropologie's signature flowly flair of easy to wear feminine clothing. Every garment showed movement and was filled with comfort, style, attention to detail and touches of abstract designs. It was a great show that embodied the essence of the brand.

Anthropologie Models

A surprising tidbit of the show; some of the models were approached in store and asked to model for the fashion show. How great is that?
Anthropologie Models

This dress to the left was my favorite look of the night. It was beaded and sparkled in all the right places.
Anthropologie Employees (Caitlin and Michael)

The wonderful employees of Anthropologie were all filled with smiles, and as you can see each had their own style to bring to the show. Caitlin's skirt was a vintage piece filled with sequins underneath (although you cant see it here). Michael's style was amazing in person. From the silk head scarf to the pin on his collar. The young lady to the right (...her name escapes my brain) showed a wonderful way to wear polka dots.  

Attendees of the show (with their own individual great style)
Bloggers Ely, Liz, Jackie, and Diana
 Design Director Johanna Uurasjarvi of Leifsdottir, Ely and myself, and Ely, Diana, & Jackie
(My Outfit: All Thrift Finds with the exception of the Bandolino pumps and Alexander Wang Satchel)
Blogger T. Nicole and Image Consultant Kendra Porter
(Take note of Kendra's fabulous head scarf. I couldn't get enough of it!)
Blogger Liz, Personal Shopper for Anthropologie and Blogger Liza Sheehy, and Employee/Model Colleen
Kendra, Ely, Liz, Jackie, Diana, and myself

Bloggers in attendance for the Anthropology Fashion show are all members of Bloggers Who Brunch On Fashion. They received invites to the show as well, courtesy of Liza Sheehy (pictured above). 

It was a great event and I certainly look forward to more like it!


Ms K said...

wow, this looks like a fab event. Great pictures! I am sorry I missed it.

Candace Belle said...

It was great! and my first show too! No worries, next time ;-)

Helene said...

Looks like it was really fun! I'm sorry I missed it.

So many bright, spring pieces. I love your shoes!


Jackie said...

Hi Candace!! It was a sincere pleasure meeting you at this event! Great blog post by the way! You captured awesome photos of the event and wonderful people in attendance that evening. It was my first real show and blog event and was a bit magical to say the least!
Love your blog, too! Take care!!!

Jackie of Fashion Ladder