May 23, 2012

Chasing The Sun

Coincidently this title is the name of my favorite song at the moment from #TheWanted. The sun was against me taking these photos. You ever have one of those days where you try to fit everything into one day? I'm talking cleaning, running personal errands, shopping, relaxing, hanging out with friends, plus tending to my love of my blog (-: all in a day's work I guess. But you know what they say when you love doing something it never feels like work. 

I must say I like the setting of the sun on these photos, makes me feel golden and what girl doesn't want to feel golden. Sort of a peaceful completion to end the day. Lately I've been tuning into Oprah's Soul Sundays and talk about food for the soul! Sometimes you get so caught up in the tasks of everyday life you forget to live in the moment of being. I am slowly taking into the feed of living for each moment of my life because I will never have that moment in time again. Really good food for though.
Men's Trench and Tee: Thrift Find, Jean: Gap, Pumps: Bandolino, Jewels: F21

This is one of my favorite tees by the way, it feels so good and goes with anything comfort tee


Diana - City and Burbs said...

Hey Candace, thanks for this post. I'm constantly running around and forget to stop and "smell the roses". I too need to start feeding my soul :-).

Btw, rocking outfit! You know those are my favorite hoes of yours.



Ms K said...

love this outfit, it is chic and relaxed at the same time. I need to go thrift store shopping with you once, the tee and trench are great finds!

Candace Belle said...

Trust me It is amazing what you can kind at the thrift stores!

Tavia Mac said...

I am loving this look! Great thrifted finds!


thickandsassy said...

i am new to your blog, I found you on pinterest. and I am happy that I did.

I wanted to know did you cut this tee, yourself. Love it

Candace Belle said...

@thickandsassy thx so much for your support! (-: yes this was a mini easy DIY. Simple thrifted tee with a few snip snips.