May 21, 2012

Let's Keep This Flower Thing Between Us

Shirt: Thrift Find, Jean: Levi's Wedge: Tory Burch, Jewels: F21

The seed flourished gave birth and bared this gorgeous floral shirt! Sickening really how much I love love LOVE this shirt you don't even know. The color alone is driving me crazy.  The comfort and ease of wearing it is the bonus. Seriously what is next with on the list for my floral crazed obsession fix? Next it will be flowers in my hair. Not really but seriously.

Hope your week is spectacular! You've already made my week and its only Monday ;-)

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Tavia Mac said...

Fabulous blouse! So vivid and life You look great!


grownandcurvywoman said...

Such a wonderful floral print blouse! Its so vibrant!

Candace Belle said...

hi ladies! Thank you for the great comments! I really love this blouse and the fact that I got it thrift is beyond me, its amazing!

Ms K said...

cool blouse! I see you are adding on flowers to your wardrobe ;-)

Diana - City and Burbs said...

Candace, loving this blouse, the pattern is so pretty and the color looks great on you! Hmm mm, loving those shoes as well!


Candace Belle said...

I couldn't resist!! lol