Jun 11, 2012


Vintage Blazer: Re/Dress, Pant: Thrift Find: Belt: Old Navy, Pumps: Calvin Klein
Pearl Bracelet and Ring: Gift,  Elephant ring: Soho Jewel Shop
This gorgeous blazer made its way home with me 2 years ago and planted itself in my closet. During that time it paid no rent and what I mean by that is it hung in my closet with me staring at it every so often trying to decide where and when to wear it. I finally pulled it out a week ago and said "Listen you are too fabulous not to wear and we're going to make it work!". So here we are today! lol

I really should savor it as it came from the ever so famous Re/Dress store in Brooklyn. If you live in New York, you should have heard of this great vintage store that catered to fabulous fashion for women sizes 14 and up. It was heaven and every time I stepped in there my mouth always dropped at the sight of the absolute great items they carried! You could literally spend hours in there, from selling your own items, to lounging in the velvet chairs, to attending trunk shows they hosted ever so often. I was completely shocked when I heard the store closed in November (my mouth dropped again!). I am happy I was lucky to experience it when I did and I think it will live on in memory for everyone who experienced it.

If you are interested, Re/Dress has an online shop. Hope you enjoyed your weekend (-: and here's to a great week ahead!


La Filandera said...

Me encanta la combinación de colores y, especialmente, el cinturón flúor.


Tashia said...

Love that printed blazer. Perfect for summertime, and I bet it would look cute over a bright solid dress as well.

Candace said...

My mouthe fell open whenI saw the print on that blazer - vintage is the truth ;) Love the look and love that you paired it with some straight leg cropped trousers. well done

Candace Belle said...

@LaFilandera Gracias! esa fue mi manera de dar al conjunto un poco más de un pop a pesar de que la chaqueta lo dice todo

@Tashia the possibilities are endless since there's so many colors you can pull from it

@Candace Love your line "Vintage is the truth" really speaks to my soul!

Thanks ladies! :-)

Anonymous said...

Loving it!


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grownandcurvywoman said...

Awesome find! Youre right, the blazer was too fab to sit in the closet!!! I love the pop of neon with it too!

Lauren Kent said...

Love this look! Especially the addition of the neon belt! And I always secretly lust over those pants that you have in multiple colors :) Great look!

Candace Belle said...

Thx ladies!
@Lo so in love with them you don't even know! Lol!! =)

Jonell said...

I can't believe you waited 2 years to showcase this blazer! Look how fabulous you look!! And the neon belt accents it perfectly!

E said...

I really cannot get enough of those pants!! Thank goodness you pulled out that blazer it deserves to shine and you shine in it :) Can't wait to see what you wear to brunch!