Aug 12, 2012

My Fall Staple Option

Yes it is too soon to think of Fall attire when we are in the middle of August (how dare I???) but I could not get these flats out of my head and I had to share! A few days ago I perused the Tory Burch store on Madison Avenue and spotted this gorgeous shoe calling my name. Her name is Kaitlin and I love her for her gold tips! If you are familiar with the brand you know how effortlessly comfortable her shoes are. The flats are reminiscent of the staple Chanel ballet flats (that I plan on getting eventually...building up the courage to spend spend spend). What do you think? Is it a great option for fall?

Photo: simplysoles


Vivi N. said...

Very cute flats. I've heard so much of how comfortable Tory Burch flats are. May have to invest in a pair soon.

And I feel ya about Fall. I was definitely dressed like I was in early Oct today.

Ms K said...

Can u actually go to her store without a shoe calling your name? LOL - they are great and I think it makes sense to start shopping for Fall items now.

grownandcurvywoman said...

Awesome shoes! You must get them!

Candace Belle said...

@Vivi you wont have any regrets in getting them
@Ms K My name is Candace and I'm a Tory Burch Addict! lol :-)

Anonymous said...

oh you too. I really want a pair of Chanel ballet flats. I am just not there yet