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Aug 11, 2012

Luck Strikes Me Twice

Do you remember I was feening on the denim on denim looks and wanted my own denim jacket to make a vest? Well it turns out I didn't actually donate my denim jacket! It was secured amongst my winter attire and of course I pulled it right out. Almost too happy and relieved it wasn't donated I went to town on cutting the sleeves off! Suited it up and paired it with one of my favorite printed pants, which gave the look a sort of a hard soft feel. I'm so happy I found the jacket! It was a hidden treasure (-:

Jacket turned Vest: Old Navy  Pant: Thrift Find  Sandals: Nine West  Bracelet/Ring: F21

Happy Weekend!! Enjoy yourself!


ShariGold said...

lovely out fit i love your floral print pants

Style4Curves said...

ove the pants and vest!

WhatWouldMommyWear? said...

This is so funny! I thought I had donated my jean jacket too and was so geeked to find out I didn't. I cut off the sleeves and I have been living in my jean vest since!

Candace Belle said...

lol @whatwouldmommywear isnt it a good feeling!

Thank you ladies for your great comments!

Ms K said...

This outfit is just great. Love the prints and jeans combo and happy for you that you found your jacket.

grownandcurvywoman said...

Love your pants with the denim vest! Looks like a perfect match!