Sep 24, 2012

Military Jacket

Men's wear is so sexy on a woman. I lusted over this jacket for a few months. I initially started liking the look of the jacket when my sister purchased hers last year. She jazzed it up by putting jewels and pins on it to give it a feminine feel. Then I saw a friend wearing hers with jewels strategically placed on the pocket (hers was from Zara). The look kept playing over and over in my head. So I gave in and this weekend and went to Vice Versa thrift shop and bought my own. I'm loving it for the style and the thickness of it. I feel protected when I wear it. Men's clothes tend to do just that for me.

Another great spot to purchase a jacket like this is at a thrift store called Atlantic Attic. It's more of a men's thrift but it works for the fit of curves!
Military Jacket: Thrift Find  Tee: Mossimo (similar)  Skirt: Old Navy (similar)  Pumps: Nine West  Clutch and Sunglasses: Thrift Find
Enjoy your Monday!


Ms K said...

Yeah - good for you! Everyone needs one in my opinion ;-) I love this clutch, it goes very well with the jacket. We should go thrift store shopping together one day :-)

grownandcurvywoman said...

You are rocking this jacket my dear! The striped skirt looks wonderful on you. You make this jacket stylish and chic!

Shantile' said...

Girl, you are working this look! I have a military jacket I picked up from my local thrift for fall as well and it is going to be so HOTT! I have a few ways in mind to wear it. ;-)

pntszdinFluence said...

Yes! I have a camouflage jacket from TJ Maxx that I absolutely love. I typically wear it belted and with a brooch as well.

I love the color on your jacket. And as always, the hair is radiant!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to get some wear out of my camo jacket this weekend!

Candace Belle said...

Yes Ladies!!! Thank you! This jacket is my favorite piece in my closet now. I cant stop thinking of how many ways to wear it. I will have to post another pic on it.